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Waste to Revitalization

Greencourse Solutions showcases our commitment to cost-effective stewardship with our custom road maps that upcycle carbon to save you money.

Comprehensive Environmental Services

Greencourse Solutions provides custom roadmaps for our Clients to save money by upcycling carbon, revitalizing turf for clean water, reducing fertilizer expenses, showcasing our commitment to cost-effective stewardship.

Our Process

  1. Reduce organic yard waste disposal cost
  2. Convert waste into biochar carbon
  3. Biochar carbon goes into super soaker socks (carbon filters)
  4. Carbon filters strategically placed in ponds, wetlands, and canals
  5. Reuse absorbed fertilizer carbon filters on property
  6. Celebrate reduced fertilizer and watering costs
  • Assess and collect organic landscape waste

  • Convert waste into biochar carbon

  • Biochar carbon becomes "super soaker socks" (SSS)

  • SSS carbon water filters stategically placed

  • Carbon-charged fertilizer recycled into the turf

  • Clean water and reduced fertilizer & water costs

Where Savings Meet Sustainability

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What is Biochar?

Biochar is a solid material obtained from the carbonization and thermochemical conversion of biomass or plant matter in deoxygenated environments.

What are the benefits of biochar?

Our Clients Include:

Private country clubs and golf courses, commercial and private agriculture, resorts, and homeowners associations, mitigation banks, and landowners. 

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